10 Things To Know About Ireland

10 Things To Know About Ireland

irish 845385 150Ireland has long been an island divided, however it has put behind its troubling past and are making serious economic and financial growth towards becoming one of Europes power houses.

Here are some things to add to your knowledge book about the Emerald Isle.

The country of Ireland is located near Britain and back in history, Ireland has been in near constant battle with its neighbour.

But matters have changed dramatically within the last decade or more, and so have Ireland’s fortunes.

ireland cliffReligious violence appeared to have stopped and the county as a result has  become one of the best developing nations in Europe.

Maybe because people have jobs to do to earn a living instead of fighting.

Here are ten things you may like to know.

1. The island is split between two international locations, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

2. Prior to 1921, the whole island was part of and was under the control of Britain.

3. In 1921, 26 counties within the south were given independence and became the Republic of Ireland.

4. Northern Ireland is about fifty five percentage Protestant and 44 percent Catholic. This division has led to decades of strife in all factors of life there.

5. Ireland has remained impartial for the duration of the two World Wars notwithstanding the fact Great Britain performed a key role in both.

6. In 1990, Mary Robinson became elected the first female President of the Republic of Ireland.

7. “Clootie Tree” or “Wishing Tree”. It’s an old tradition where people tie pieces of cloth onto a tree or bush, often near a holy well or other sacred site, as a form of prayer or wish-making.

It is believed that as the cloth decays, the prayer or wish will be granted.

ireland castle8. In some places in the country, you may encounter bowling on Sundays.

On general public roads!

The idea is to roll a heavy ball from the start line to a finish point more than one mile away. The team which does it in the least number of throws wins. Did golf start in Ireland I wonder? – that’s a subject for another blog!

9. The ancestors of U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were Irish.

10. The Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, was Scottish!

Ireland has a protracted and storied records in addition to a unique cultural persona.

It is a place you must visit when you get a chance.

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