Helpful Tips For Vacationing With Your Little Angels

10 Time-Tested Tips For Traveling With Your Little Ones!

Traveling with young ones can be torture. Been there done that and I have the tee shirt to prove it.

New attractions and sounds may be overwhelming to a younger person and as a parent, your vacation pleasure can quickly develop into temper tantrums if you’re not properly prepared.

Here are 10 practical guidelines to help make vacationing with your young ones less stressful.

1. Choose a well known family-pleasant vacation spot. Skip the crowded tourist locations and decide as an alternative for a locale which have many families with kids around.

Boy toddler in car2. If renting a vehicle think safety first.  Always make sure your toddler’s vehicle seat is properly secured. Also, use removable window shading blinds to assist block the sun as it can be very hot inside the vehicle especially on a hot sunny day, regardless of the season.

3. Pack some entertainment things like games or travel reading books. “Best bets for entertaining your infant inside the car and hotel room consist of their favourite books, games and toys,” says Nancy Wolpert of Nickelodeon Home Entertainment.

4. Plan your rest stops often. If you are driving, avoid the monotony and make a pit stop every couple of hours (or more often if necessary). Kids need to stretch out after being cooped up in a vehicle for a while. Consider bringing along a ball to kick or throw around during the breaks if practical and they are old enough to enjoy it. Younger ones just managing to walk will enjoy a short leg stretch in the park or a safe area.

5. Be flexible. Set realistic expectations and allow your toddler to take in the new environment at his or her own pace. You may want to restrict your activities to one per day. Otherwise, you may wind up with an over-stimulated little one.

6. Take water and lots of snacks. Pack what the child is used to eating at home and avoid too much of the sugary foods which can cause them to become hyperactive. If you want some decent rest and sleep and also enjoy the break yourself, keep the sweets to a minimum or give them activities that will expend the extra energy they have consumed and hopefully they will tire themselves out.

Beach kids7. Pack their favourite toy or whatever they’re familiar with at home. Some kids have a favourite blanket or cuddly toy. This will help your little one feel safe and at ease when they are at an unfamiliar environment. Children can get restless during a long car trip and being confined and restricted will irritate them quickly.

8. Start and finish your day early. Kids are at their best energy wise during the morning after a good nights rest, so plan your day around that.

9. Stick to your normal routine. Eating, playing and resting at the same time of the day. This will help them feel as close to normality and become more accustomed to their new surroundings quickly.

10. Take lots of photos. They’re only young once, so their experience and fun times on vacation are memories to cherish forever.

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